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Hey girls! I hope your weeks are going well! Mine has been crazy busy, and the funny part is… I have been off work this whole week for a “stay-cation”, but i’m not really doing much staying. LOL.
Anyway, today I wanted to talk to y’all about an awesome monthly subscription company! I don’t know about y’all, but monthly subscriptions are SO fun to me! I love them!! Beauteque Monthly beauty box AND face mask subscription company. They offer both (which I recommend!), or you can choose one or the other. The products you get are also Korean skincare products (they are amazing!!), so the brands are different than your “everyday” brands. And they are all amazing!! So here, i’m going to break down the boxes and the products to let you know what came in this months boxes!


The beauty box is only $22 per month. In this box you get 5-6 full sized products! You get a variety of different things, so it’s not just makeup or not just skincare. There is also a cute little pamphlet that’s laid out like a menu describing each product for you. So here is what is in July’s box:



  Skin7teen: 3-Step Mask (Retails: $5.99)

This is a face mask! Who doesn’t love a good face mask!? This mask cleanses your pores and makes your skin feel newly hydrated.

The Saem: Perfume Body Lotion (Retails: $12.99)

This lotion smells like apricots! It is so soothing on the skin, and it really does smell amazing!

Baviphat: Lip Tint (Retails: $7.99)

Not only is the bottle just so cute, but the color payoff is amazing! It’s really the perfect shade of red. Not to mention it lasts on the lips so long.

Sandepin: Clean Sponge Cookie (Retails: $6.99)

This is a puff that helps cleans and get rid of the dirt of your makeup brushes. Let me tell you, it really works!


I don’t know about y’all, but i LOVE a good face mask. They always leave my skin feeling so new and fresh! So if that’s what you want, than this box is for you! Best part, it’s only $13 a month!! So cheap! And you get 9 masks in each subscription!! The Mask Maven box also comes with a cute pamphlet that describes the use of each mask, which is very handy! So let’s jump into the mask for the July box!

Saem Natural Oatmeal Mask Sheet

This keeps your skin looking hydrated and feeling soft. It works for every skin type which is great!! It also smells so delicious, lol.

Candy O’Lady Candy Mask-Honey Milk

This mask smells so sweet and good. It also keeps your skin hydrated, while brightening it so it doesn’t look so dull.

Papa Recipe Bombee Black Honey Mask Pack

This mask also has honey in it. Which honey provides the nutrients your skin needs to help keep it looking fresh and bright.

Annie’s Way: Bubble Tea-Black Tea

This mask is full of antioxidants that help fight against aging. Who doesn’t like anti-aging products?! They’re definitely the best when you start to get older!

Skin Boni Wash Off Mask-Green Tea

This mask contains green tea powder that helps boost your skin’s health, and reduces signs of again! Yes please!!

Esfolio Pure Skin Essence Mask Sheet-Egg

This mask helps your skin to feel moist and hydrated. So it would be perfect for those with dryer skin!

The Saem Natural Tox-Tomato Sheet Mask

This mask helps tighten your skin and removes redness! So if you suffer from rosacia or dry spots, i would definitely recommend this mask!

Cos.W: My Real Skin-Egg White

I love this mask! It helps to remove dirt that is trapped in your pores! Definitely a winner in my book.

Food A Holic Pomegranite Mask

This mask leaves your skin feeling smooth and moisturized! It’s soooo great!!

Saresmin: Perfect Solution Serum (Retails: $8.99)

This is a serum for your skin. The product is infused with herbs that leaves your skin glowing.

I highly recommend the Mask Maven boxes. You seriously can not go wrong with 9 AMAZING masks for only $13 a month!

Overall, I would say BOTH of these boxes are amazing! The price point and the products are great. And it’s so fun getting to try out brands you may not normally pick up in the store. I highly recommend you try one or both of them out!

ALSO, Beauteque was kind enough to give me a coupon code just for you guys to take 25% off of your first order!! Make sure to use code “STEPHANIE25” at checkout!! I will link all the links below to make it easier to shop!

The Beauty Box

The Mask Maven

I hope you enjoyed this post and decide to sign up for a monthly subscription, or both! Let me know what you choose. 🙂

XOXO, Stephanie

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